5 Tips to Help You Sell Your House in Winnipeg Before the End of the Year

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Once you’ve decided to sell your Winnipeg home, why not take every step possible to close the deal as quickly as possible and move on to your new home? If that is your goal, we’ll discuss five tips to help you sell your house before the end of the year in Winnipeg.

Declutter Your Stuff

Our first tip is to depersonalize your home (not entirely, but extensively!) and remove excess clutter. Next, complete a deep clean from top to bottom if you need to get your property sold before the end of the year in Winnipeg. 

Preparing to Sell Your Home: Staying Clean While Moving! (Clean My Space)
Here’s a useful video on decluttering your Winnipeg home to prepare it for a real estate listing

It’s been said that fresh paint, applied professionally, or close to it, throughout your home in neutral colors will typically earn sellers a 10 percent higher sales price. Larger or oversized furniture can create a crowded feeling in a room; removing SOME of these pieces allows buyers to see spaciousness and that will help would-be buyers envision bringing their possessions into your space.

It’s also beneficial to clear countertops and to remove any personal belongings from view. Then remove any collectibles and family photos or decor with favorite teams and the like that show your property ownership. Regarding your cabinets or closets, you want to show storage availability, so leave these spaces half-full, again creating visual impact. As mentioned earlier, the whole point of this plan is that a large number of personal belongings may inhibit buyers from the ability to picture their own family living in the property.

Provide Easy Access To Your Winnipeg Home

Showings can be highly stressful for everyone, so it’s helpful to begin the listing process with realistic expectations. While it may be slightly inconvenient, making access for showings easy for Winnipeg real estate agents will help you sell your house before the end of the year…or whenever you need your house sold.

Once buyers have narrowed down their final selections, they often have a minimal amount of time available to view properties in person. Therefore, the most inconvenient times for many buyers, such as dinner time or your precious weekends, are the best times for showings; more often than not, these are last-minute. Therefore, it is beneficial to begin your Winnipeg real estate listing with a positive attitude towards listings; after all, this could be the Winnipeg home buyer that is the right one, so you shouldn’t chance to miss an opportunity. 

Plan Ahead for Short-Notice Showings

Quick Showing Day Cleaning Routine! (Clean My Space)

Here’s another helpful video from CLEAN MY SPACE. It provides useful tips for cleaning up quickly …in order to sell your house fast in Winnipeg.

The next tip to help you sell your house before the end of the year in Winnipeg is to have a system in place when it is time for a showing. Keep a goodie bag packed and plan outdoor adventures, such as visiting local parks. Bring along a backpack full of activities to keep younger children occupied for rainy days while you’re waiting for buyers to view the property.

Remove all traces of animals; yes, you heard that right. While it may be a hassle, it is well worth the effort. We were in a home recently and the scent of cat urine was a dealbreaker for the would-be home buyers.

Also, while you’re typically turning all of the lights off before you leave your house, the proper lighting can really set the mood and enhance the best features of your home, so turn on those lights before you go, even in the closets. AND….make sure you have matching color temperature ratings. In our experience, Cool white is the most suitable choice to show off your Winnipeg property.

Remember, the showing is your opportunity to appeal to as many senses as possible of your potential buyers. Having said that, don’t forget the importance of smell! There’s just nothing like the smell of fresh-baked cookies or apple pie, and these scents are readily available in room fresheners if you don’t have time to whip up a batch of cookies.

(If this is starting to seem overwhelming and stressing you out, there is a simpler way to sell a house in Winnipeg. More on that process at the link or at the end of this article)

Pick The Right Selling Price

Here’s a link to a useful guide from Ratehub to help you sell your Winnipeg house before the end of the year. One of the keys is to list your Winnipeg property at the right asking price.

If you place an emotional value on your home, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment, and it could be highly insulting when an offer comes in far below your expectations. It’s essential to do your homework to get a picture of the Winnipeg real estate market and comparable sales near you that have closed recently and understand to come to a reasonable asking price.

First impressions about online listings happen within seconds, and you aren’t likely to get a second chance. Keep in mind that today’s tech-savvy buyers have their fingers on the pulse of current home values; if a home is listed too high, buyers know it and will keep scrolling. Likewise, if the house is priced too low, it may signal that this is a listing to be avoided because Winnipeg home buyers may assume that there is something wrong with your house. 

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Manitoba Home Buyers

Does the thought of completing all those tasks to sell a Winnipeg home seem like too daunting of a challenge for you?

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The benefit of selling your Winnipeg property to Manitoba Home Buyers, is that you can skip the hassles and stress of showings, cleanings, renovations and decluttering. So if repairs are a concern, you can leave your worries behind as Manitoba Home Buyers pays cash for homes in as-is condition. You can even leave behind what you don’t want! We will look after it for you. How convenient and sim[ple is that? But wait…there’s more! Manitoba Home Buyers guarantees the closing date too; it can be in a week or two (depending on market conditions) or delayed until the date you are ready to move into your new home. Contact Manitoba Home Buyers at (431) 813-0909 today to learn more!

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